5 Effective Tips of Hiring Professional Deck and Fence Restoration Service

Several homeowners prefer restoring their fence and deck themselves. Though DIY methods have been trending for quite some time now, deck and fence restoration is a huge project which would definitely consume a lot of your time and effort.

You will have to keep aside all other jobs and tasks if you are undertaking such a project. Moreover, it is also quite possible that this would be your first deck and fence restoration project and therefore you won’t even have the right kind of tools and expertise to carry it out.

Due to these reasons and many others, hiring a professional for the restoration of your deck and fence is always a smart choice. The professional contractor would have access to all the necessary pieces of equipment required to carry out the restoration project with utmost perfection.

With several professional restoration contractors in the area, it is quite obvious that you would get confused. The below tips and pointers will help you in determining which choice is the best for you.

1. Do your Research

Before hiring any one particular company for the restoration process, it is very important that you go through the reviews and testimonials of several restoration contractors in your area. Based on the customer feedbacks, you can choose the professional contractor who suits you best.

2. Obtain Multiple Estimates

The deck and fence restoration contractors are pretty competitive and they are readily available for taking up the project as soon as possible. Get at least three bid estimates before accepting the offer. Do not succumb to the urge of accepting the very first bid.

3. Be Aware Of the Additional Costs

Once you contact a professional fence and deck restoration contractor, he/she will first visit your property to check the state of the pre-existing deck and fence. They would examine the surroundings lookout for any extra work which would be required to be done before they start the restoration.

A professional contractor will make the following checks before quoting the final price to you.

  • Check for the minor obstructions like small bushes, stones or anything else that may hinder the process of restoration and affect the final project cost.
  • Evaluate the grading of the surface where the restoration has to be carried out.
  • Ask you several questions before deciding on the final process of restoration.
  • Carefully examine the project site. If the entire crew has to move uphill while carrying all the pieces of equipment, the cost will definitely increase.

4. Enquire About Necessary Details

The most important questions which you must ask a contractor are:

  • Enquire whether their company will pull permits as this would affect the final bid.
  • Ask if a utility locator will be employed to make sure that the underground utility lines stay undamaged.
  • Discuss any other kind of hindrances with the contractor beforehand such as the easement.
  • Enquire how a grading surface will be handled while carrying out the project.
  • Make sure you get a rough estimate of the additional costs involved.
  • Find out about the concerned company’s timeline.
  • Discuss the warranty offered by the concerned company.

5. Review the Contract before Signing

After discussing all the necessary details, make sure that you review each point of the company’s contract regarding your fence and deck restoration project. Look out for any discrepancies and report it immediately.

These are some of the most necessary tips and pointers which will help you in achieving the best quality of restoration for your deck and fence in the most cost-effective way.

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